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  • Stephanie Fuller

Dream Palaces

An imaginary performance score for a version of CASTLES PALACES CASTLES that never happened.

Part 1- Cheval’s Dream Palace Castle Palace

Such an odd stone that it awakes a dream It has made time stand still You will see it tonight but it will feel like 33 years. It will not be finished How long do you think you will be here for? Here Did you check how long It might take longer than you thought Perhaps not Will you regret this moment? Will you regret buying your ticket? Will you wish you were doing something else right now? Something that means something to you? Something better Hopefully this won’t take long But if it does Will you still enjoy it? It is a stumbling block of such an unusual shape You feel You must You Cannot help but It becomes you A memory which is also a dream It started on your way to somewhere You long for it On what impulse did it start? Your urge. You’re there looking, listening, wondering if it has started yet. Hopefully this won’t take long, but you’ll probably feel like you’ve been here for years. You haven’t. It is just now . . . . . Shall we continue? But by the time we start. It will be gone. You will be gone. You won’t be here for very long after all. So. We can Be Here Stone by stone we lay out our dream Our vision Our monument to ourselves Devoting Time To one moment at a time Time that will not stand still And yet you try To picture that dream To put it down To pick it up To place it there To be right here I have not been given the skill of words to explain What such an odd stone can do to awake a dream You have composed a hymn to majesty The word impossible no longer exists It has been and gone Even if you don’t like what you are looking at, you can’t say It’s not interesting To you To me You add the final touch to this sober decoration

And begin initiating

The next

It would be childish to wait until it is destroyed when we are lucky enough to own it

Part 2 - Our own monuments

I was standing there with my friend and this guy was clearly seriously fucked. He was stood there in the middle of the road and he was just shouting and shouting and no one was doing anything. No one had called the police. He was obviously in distress. He was obviously out of it. I don’t know if anyone had called the police but it didn’t look like anyone was doing anything. So I went up to him and I was like, come on, come over here, out of the road. Come out of the road. And he just straight up karate kicked me in my chest. It went just bam. And I went back. And my stuff just went everywhere. It was scattered everywhere. Just like that, all my stuff went everywhere. And I just remember feeling winded but I had to get my stuff back. I couldn’t breathe properly but I had to get it. It was literally everywhere.

Part 3 - Fleeting Moments Laughter . Explosions . Blinks . Bubbles . Sex . Flowers . Wine . Breath . Touch . A live arrangement of musical notes into a score . Part 4 - Looking for you We became a post We watched it through a lens We stored it in our pictures We searched for your name It was you It was not you It was 2000 times not you But you were there We were pleased We’ve made it Now In time We’re there You’re here But only for a moment You’re there always there Your latest. Your newest. Your oldest. Your almosts. The times the times when you did and when you didn’t But you wish you had Or glad you hadn’t The proudest moments Full of pride and glory Thankful You composed a hymn to majesty I just want to check Where are you now? Are you still sitting here looking, listening? Are you

there You’ve done it Seen it Heard and talked about it I know because we’ve seen you Right there There’s proof You explain how you didn’t like what he said How she said it Why they were right You were captured through a lens Through an eye Your name is in the bark It’s on the toilet door

You start wondering if you have not been carried away into a fantastic dream It would be childish not to classify it


It’s us who are lucky enough to own it

And wait for it to destroy itself

Part 5 - Counter Monuments

You say what it was you wanted to say

He listens

She doesn’t

They care you let it slide away You live inside

You take the time to put it where you want it to be

It won’t be there long but you’re happy where it is

It will go with you Today you have it No-one sees it because you don’t see how it needs to be seen

I make a mark on the paper

He scratches the


They paint it pink A memory that is also a dream When the next one comes along it’ll be gone It is a reflection You can see yourself in the reflection of the paint tin

You take your pen and draw the outline It sinks into the ground It is not destroyed It was never there

It was a compendium of the world as you saw it


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