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  • Stephanie Fuller

Love is Love is Love is Love (is)

Lucy: You’re in love?

Amanda: Yes.

Lucy: Fully in love?

Amanda: Yes

Lucy: With-

Amanda: Yes

Lucy: With a lampshade

Amanda: It’s not a lampshade, it’s a chandelier

Lucy: I stand corrected

Amanda: I only say that because it’s not a lampshade, a lampshade usually covers only one source of light and a chandelier has branches and can hold many lights. The differences are important.

Lucy: Could you love a lampshade?

Amanda: I couldn’t rule it out. But they don’t have the same depth as chandeliers. I’m sure they are very nice, I don’t want to offend or upset. I have a lampshade in my hallway, but he’s not the same as Lumiere.

Lucy: Lumiere?

Amanda: The one I’m going to marry.


Lucy: We need you to come home

Amanda: I’m making my commitment next week. We’re very excited.

Lucy: Mum is worried about you

Amanda: I don’t know why, I’ve never been happier.

Lucy: You can live with me for a while

Amanda: This is her, here. Isn’t she stunning?

Lucy: Amanda, come home

Amanda: I knew from the first moment I saw her that I wanted her. I don’t think I’ve ever seen so much life in anything in all my life. I’m telling you this right now, the night I first saw her I forgot to eat. It wasn’t until the morning when I’d woken up that I’d realised. I decided to eat two breakfasts to make up for it.

Lucy: Amanda, you’re not even listening to me

Amanda: Lumeire and I are incredibly happy together. She lights up my life

Lucy: Literally

Amanda: And I know the feeling is mutual. She’s there for me and I am for her.

Lucy: Lumiere is a boy’s name

Amanda: Sorry?

Lucy: Lumiere is the name of the candlestick in Beauty and the Beast, and he’s a boy.

Amanda: When did you become a conformist?

Lucy: A conformist?

Amanda: My Lumiere is a girl

Lucy: So you’re a lesbian now?

Amanda: I’m happy


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