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  • Stephanie Fuller

That which we do not remember

Absent minds mean absent friends. It’s almost impossible to remember you because it’s been that long. You were with me for ages but then you disappeared? I just assumed you didn’t have any way of contacting me. But maybe you just forgot. Or I forgot. Gosh I feel so bad that I haven’t spoken to you in such a long time. Are you OK? I can’t remember what you were up to last time we spoke? We did used to speak, right? I feel like we used to speak all the time. Or maybe I spoke and you listened. I remember you looking at me when I spoke, but I can’t remember exactly what you said back. I try really hard to remember all the things you said to me, but all I can grasp at is the feeling. I know I was excited. I know you made me feel curious, but now that I think to it, I can’t remember any of it at all.

(Me and Patch at Grandma's house)


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