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  • Stephanie Fuller

Love letters

Computer programmer: Hmmmmmmm well it depends! Does writing a modular customer registration system in Django using agile development sound exciting!?

Teacher: 9Y made me cry and a kid tried to lock me in a cupboard. You sound like you had an exciting day?

Computer programmer: So err no not quite as exciting as yours, I did nearly loose a contact lense tho, can you believe it? I was like...shit...and the contact lense was like...I'm outta'here buddy! But somehow, and I'm not sure how exactly, it resolved itself and I'm still alive, barely.

Teacher: _

Computer programmer: But yeah, shite sounds a pretty rough afternoon all round! Wonder why they were such bastards? But this is proof once again that I couldn't be

a teacher, you got some serious skill if you didn't lose it or start laughing in the front of the kids, big respect!

Teacher: Ah nuts I didn't get around to spanking vodafone, I'll get onto that

tomorrow, damn their stupid service. Anywho you doing ought tonight? Tis

down the pub for me I think!

Computer programmer: Anymore thoughts on the weekend? I've had some, they're all a bit sexy


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