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  • Stephanie Fuller

I don't have a dad

Writing about the absence of my dad

He is the papa, padre

Pops in, pops up, up up up I go

Flying on the stilts of an old man

My old man

The man in my dreams.

The dream of a man who is here but silent.

He’s happy, pappy, so unbearably crappy at times

The man who stands in silence.

He begat, forgot, fulfilled a duty to establish,

To fill, fill in, fill up, up up up I go

Standing on the shoulders of a giant man who cannot be seen.

He’s papa, padre, pardon me, pard, par,

pa pops in pops up, up up I ___

Fly on stilts old man

Oldman, Oldma, Olma, Alma, Alma Mater

The man who is there but is silent.

The man who is but silent.

The man who is.

Sure he’s happy, he’s pappy, so unbearably crappy at times,

The man who stands in silence.

He begat, began, begs begging to begin

Beg beg beg to forget

He forgot to fulfil a duty to establish

To fill

To feel, to feeling, to fill in, filling filler


Full up, up up up I__

Standing on the shoulder of a giant who cannot.

He’s the pap, the pa

Pa, pah, peh

Up Up Up

Fly the stilts man

The man who’s there but

Sure he’s __, he’s ___, so unbearably ___

He stands in silence

He begat, he beg, beh, beh, be


He forgot. He forgets.

He forgets to fulfil a duty

To fill, to fill in, to fill up,

Up up up I ___


I stand up


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