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  • Stephanie Fuller

Intergenerational advice

Great Grandma: I have some advice for you, don’t get married. Instead, grab a gun. People really listen to you when they think you have a gun.

Mum: I’m not sure that’s the best advice. I’d say stay safe, stay healthy and stay happy

Great Grandma: Boring

Grandma: I’d have to say, get laid

Mum: Mum!

Great Grandma: If you do get laid, don’t get pregnant

Me: I don’t want to get pregnant

Great Grandma: Good. It’s a waste of time. So much time.

Grandma: Thanks

Me: I want a kid, I just don’t want to get pregnant.

Mum: It doesn’t work like that

Grandma: She understands how it works

Great Grandma: Obviously, you’d know all about that

Grandma: Me?

Mum: She means me

Great Grandma: I mean the lot of you. Sex mad.

Me: You had 9 kids

Grandma: Buried my twin in an orange box in the desert.

Great Grandma: Not this again

Grandma: You said the jackals ate her corpse

Mum: Must have been terrible

Great Grandma: Pity is just a form of abuse

Me: Who wants a tea? I’ll make us a cuppa


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