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  • Stephanie Fuller


TV 1: I’m scared of what will happen next

Lights up on a wasteland, literally. A landfill of mud and broken electronics. The ground is crusty and dry, it hasn’t rained for weeks. There are hundreds of mobile phones facing in different directions with their blue lights shining. Some flicker a message alert. The light from the electronics is the only light on stage. There is a blue haze arising from the phones which lights the air around it.

There are two large television sets, lying on their sides. They are displaying an image of two women laughing. Their laughter is joyful and infectious, they are laughing together to the point of tears. We see this laughter for a while. It eventually fades. There is silence.

TV 2: Painting and decorating

TV 1: And after that?

TV 2: Reading

TV 1: And after that?

TV 2: Cooking

TV 1: And after that?

TV 2: Wanking

TV 1: And after that?

TV 2: More wanking

TV 1: And after that?

TV 2: Cleaning the oven

TV 1: But after that?

TV 2: Nothing

TV 1: And?

TV 1: Nothing

TV 1: But what will happen next?

TV 2: Nothing

TV 1: It’s a bit like ‘Waiting for Godot’

TV 2: It’s nothing like ‘Waiting for Godot’


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