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Here I am

I’m Stephanie, 

Hello, thanks for coming.


I'm a friendly, artistically irreverent, experimental 

maker who likes to play around with form.

I make experimental art that is:

  • approachable (because you want to reach audiences)

  • funny (because if you laugh, your wrinkles will be in the right place)

  • sociable (because it's good to feel part of something)

  • and intricate (because it’s all about the details) 

I'm interested in how non-traditional forms can be used to ask bloody good questions about the way we all live and make sure we pay attention to what we’re all saying in response.

I live with a chronic health condition which impacts the way I view and make work and I like finding ways to evoke big ideas that foster connection, empathy and understanding.


These are some of the things I think and feel. Some of them are about art, and some of them are not, but really, when is anything not about art?

Art is a lie. A pretty good one. 

My art doesn't need to look like someone else's art. But if it did, I'd like it to look like Handel's Messiah.

Don't be a martyr to your art. 

I say balls to the concept of high and low art - I love me some trash.

I used to be a full time secondary school teacher, I do actually love teaching. I still do it two days a week.

I've worked across different genres and forms. I like interdisciplinary approaches. I've made films, written texts, painted canvases, been part of installations, moved my body, written manifestos, and directed musicals,.

Organisation is probably my superpower.

I can't dance - that kills me.

Do you think this section has gone on too long?

One day I'd like to direct a (INSERT ALMOST ANYTHING)

I'm political - socialist, in case you're wondering

I'm collaborative and prefer to work with people. I'm pretty miserable on my own.

As a person I'm a, mother, teacher, nurturer, carer, people pleaser

I am interested in adaptation of historical or pop cultural moments (Mr Burns by Anna Washburn is one of my all-time favourite plays).

It has gone on too long, hasn't it?

When you see my work, you'll think it's about one thing, but actually it's about something else

I rarely do the same thing twice but if I do, it’ll be over and over and over again

I love colour. Bring me colour!

You reached the end!

You've won a prize.

Message me to find out what.

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